Best Hosting Companies – Bluehost

If you want a hosting company that’s going to let you keep your domain up and running without smashing your bank account, you’re not out of luck. The Bluehost Company is available for you to host your website at a discount price of only $3.49 a month, less than 0.15 cents a day. Bluehost is a great choice for just about anyone who wants to partake in web hosting, domain name flipping and eCommerce. There are over 20,000 new customers signing up every month, along with millions of different domain names circulating through the system at any given point in time.

About the Companypiccccc[1]Bluehost has made it a mission in order to provide quality web hosting services to just about everyone who needs it for a discount. The company is one of the oldest and most experienced hosting companies on the entire Internet, providing service to domain name users since the year 1996. With almost two decades of serving web owners, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the top percentage of quality when it comes to web hosting service. Even in the current day, so many years after first hosting domains for its users, Bluehost is still innovating and upgrading its services to fit the kaleidoscopic world of neew technology and web users.

The Employees

Bluehost is stocked with a crack team of cyber experts that have all of the knowhow and technological skill to make your domain hosting experience just as professional and you need it to be. When you get service from Blue host, you’re not getting helped by people who draw their knowledge of the service from somewhere like Wikipedia that you could have looked up all on your own. The Bluehost workers are available around the clock to streamline your hosting experience into something that you hardly need to maintain in order for it to operate at one hundred percent functionality.

Unique Technology

Of all of the qualities that set Bluehost apart from its competitors in the field of domain hosting support, the level of technology that the company has access to is certainly the most distinguishing of all things setting them apart. Bluehost goes as far as building up its own servers in order to ensure that they are always available to give you immediate service and attention. The network that Bluehost runs is nationwide, and their kernel is a customized Linux brand. Because of the distinct technological advantages that Bluehost has over competitors, the company is not only superior in terms of its experience, but also in its objective capability.

The Facility

Bluehost isn’t a company that’s composed of a group of people communicating remotely and working as a purely digital conglomerate. The company is run inside of an actual data center that is able to provide customers with UPS power. The building is stocked with generators empowered with diesel fuel and gigbit connections that extend to the farthest reaches of the internet-connected world. The combination of dedicated workers, cutting edge technology and top-percentage facilities easily make Bluehost one of if not the best hosting company that you’re going to find.


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