Best Web Hosting

When it comes to running a web site there is a lot to do. People often forget how much work it is to run a site, even a blog. That is why it is so helpful to find a webhost that offers as much as possible. When starting a website any up and coming webmaster will be smart to try and get the most bang for their buck. In order to do that, you must find the best web hosting deal that you can. There are many out there, but few come close to offering what Bluehost can.

There are typically four things that people look for in a host because they can make a difference in how much your site can offer. These are 1.) The amount of space they offer you for your site and its files, 2.) The amount of email addresses that you and your staff will have access to 3.) The amount of file transfer space you are allowed and finally 4.) The guaranteed uptime that you can expect. Most well respected hosts will offer these and more but for the price nobody comes close to Bluehost.

For $3.49 per month you get a slew of features. Other hosts may offer similar options but none to the extent that Bluehost does. That is why they are considered one of if not the best web hosting service there is. Along with the cheap price you also get a free site builder with various templates to use. This is not just any site builder; you get the option of over 50 different builders. All of them with simple script installs and all of them offer CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Who else can offer you all of this and a free $100 Google Advertising offer just for signing up?

If looking for the best web hosting that is within your price range, there is nothing cheaper than Bluehost. Just in case you thought that was all you get for $3.49 per month you would be wrong. You also get free 24/7 email, chat, and telephone support. You can also get a private dedicated server for your site. Chances are if you are looking around the Internet for similar offers the closest you will find is for about $2 more per month. If you do find something cheaper you will not get nearly as much as what you are offered through Bluehost.

I have tried multiple hosting companies over the last 5 years of running various websites and through all of the trials and tribulations; Bluehost has been the best web hosting company I have ever used.  Downtime of even an hour is enough to destroy the business that a website does during a day. Downtime is a frequent issue for some hosts. One thing you cannot do is claim to be the best web hosting company within a price range if you are struggling to keep your servers up. You do not get the reputation that Bluehost has earned by allowing your servers to fail.

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