Bluehost Review: Cheap and Reliable Shared Hosting

Our Rating

  • 99
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  • The Good

    • Cheap hosting options.
    • Feature-packed.
    • 24/7 US-based Support
    • Unlimited webhosting
    • SimpleScripts 1-Click installs
    • SSH Secure Shell Access (hosting ssh)
    • Resource Management
  • The Bad

    • throttling for extra cpu usage
    • ping time 200 ms
    • Average support wait time > 5 minutes

One of the leading hosting company Bluehost has made and kept its reputation of being the simplest hosting service provides around the world. Managed by the same team of professionals who manage the HostMonster from Provo in Utah, makes it lot similar like the HostMonster. The one plan that suits the needs of every webmaster is quite unique and has made many webmasters loyal to the hosting company through their growth from beginners to professionals and beyond.

Typical features

 Among the features that you expect to get while taking the hosting plans of this company include the following:

  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited disk space for file and application storage
  • MySQL database is available
  • Free Google Adwords credit to give you the perfect start
  • The proper SSL server for the more complex website hosting
  • Perfect e-Commerce platform to build a commercial site
  • Dedicated IP address
  • e-Store application to help put up the required add-ons to your site
  • And most importantly, a very efficient 24/7 support service.

All these features are part of the promotional $3.49/month package of the Bluehost. The price of the same package in the later months will be about $6.99/month for the next three years you use the service.

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Simple and easy

The hosting company provides a very simple and easy procedure to bring changes in their sites and the service they are consuming. With the cPanel, the management control panel for the site owners, you can easily perform certain basic actions which are most widely used and required by the webmasters. And all the activity from the panel are performed without any complex method nor causing any glitch to the site.

The hosting service provides a total of eight site building tools that are very easy to use. Of these, two of them are in trial period and can be updated with the Pro account. Using the service while in the development stage is quite beneficiary, especially with the script development framework, SimpleScript. It allows quite a lot of the third party apps to be incorporated in your site for the smooth working and full functionality.

You can even put up a great deal of ads from Google Adwords and even Facebook. This is even more acceptable when you get a free credit in your account for getting the ads from Google and Facebook.

Other tools that provide similar hassle free development of the site too. On the complete round up, you can create and manage your website with ease using the tools and development platform they provide. The tools are very much up-to-date and provide a satisfactorily intelligent response and suggestions.


Is the host reliable? Yes, they provide a very good hosting service. This is statement was not based on the claims of the owners, since the owner do not guarantee and specific uptime or response. Using the most reputed testing system, Pingdom, we found that the uptime of the host is around 99.84 and reaction time of the server being 0.492 seconds, which are quite good service for the sites that depend on hosting services. And all the activity from the panel are performed without any complex method nor causing any glitch to the site.

The guarantee word

Bluehost is very confident of their service and to such an extent that they offer a money back guarantee with few simple clauses. Within a certain payment cycle and a certain period of use of their service, if you find that the service is not suited for your website or the host do not offer outstanding hosting service, you can claim your monthly fee back from the company.

Technical support

When you step out into the world, you would need someone to assist you through your journey. The support network of the Bluehost provides a great deal of feedback and responses to help you understand the problems that you might be facing and how you and your website require from the problem.

The support system is very good in its responses as well. The time consumed to respond to our phone call required three minutes of wait. The same time was required to answer our live chat query. Both of which are quite a good response time in the web hosting world.


Overall the Bluehost provides a perfect hosting package. From simple tools and control panel to the quick responding support system is what the webmasters are always looking for. If you are a beginner in the web developing and publishing world, you will find very few services that provide on par service or better service than the Bluehost hosting system. The hosting service is certainly recommended and something you cannot miss on.

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