Multiple Domain Hosting

When there is the dream of growing big and setting a trend rides on our minds, then there is one easy path always open to us, in this modern age. Yes, the internet! To start from the scratch, we need to buy a domain. This facility is availed to us by the domain hosts. However, multiple domain web hosting is catching up to cater to our growing needs.

Now, what is multiple domain hosting?

Multiple domain hosting is a facility provided by the domain hosts that enables us to hold multiple websites under one account. This method is cost-effective and saves a lot of time. The database, login details and mails of the hosted websites do not interfere with each other, and is independent of the hosting site.

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So, how does it help?

As it has already been stated, this facility helps to save time and money. It helps us to have all important pages of websites under one URL. Many of the exclusive features of the business need different pages dedicated to each of them. Thus, a central interface manages and monitors all associated domains. Multiple websites open multiple branches of income for the online entrepreneur.

Well, what are the important features of the multiple domain hosting services?

A few of the best multiple domain hosts offer unlimited storage capacity, bandwidth and domains. The bandwidth and disk space governs the number of websites that can be hosted on a single hosting account. The traffic volume visiting the site depends on the bandwidth. The bandwidth must be large enough to encompass most of them. Thus, many companies have limited the multiple hosting up to ten sites per domain hosting account. If the number of sites being hosted, then the sluggishness of performance and server overload will be more. In case of such centralized hosting, an easy communication bridge must be ensured. This can be achieved by providing options of live chat, online community and a toll-free number with 24×7 availability. Thus, the technical problems, which may arise, can be sorted out immediately.

The host ensures that we are always kept online and are provided with all the services for which they are paid. This assurance is guaranteed by a Money Back Guarantee, provided by the hosts. This is to gauge our satisfaction level.

We must also make sure that each site has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for safe and smooth operation. Many of the host companies restrict the use of more than one SSL certificate for multiple domain hosting. But there is a provision of using wildcard SSL. We need to talk to the host company before using the wildcard SSL, because even that is prohibited by some.

How do we check the response time?

The providers help us to create Web Hosting Accounts. Then the custom made sites are put on these hosting accounts. Now, with the help of Pingdommonitoring services, the most accurate information becomes available. We are more interested in providing all the underlying details based on valid information and thorough research, unlike many other review companies

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