User friendly web hosting with bluehost 3.95 discount coupon code

Bluehost has been one among the most sought after options when it comes to website hosting. Ever since its establishment in 1996, it has been on the topnotch of the list of website owners. There are several reasons that might be held responsible for its survival among such cut throat competition. A few of these features are listed below: –

  • Unlimited Storage on disk
  • Unlimited Bandwidth/data transfer
  • Hosting of multiple domains as well as subdomains under one account
  • Free privacy domain for WHOIS
  • Anonymous support for file transfer protocols with one thousand file transfer protocol accounts
  • 2500 accounts for IMAP as well as POP3 in one single account
  • Unlimited forwarding for email addresses
  • As many as fifty databases available for Post gre SQL and MySQL
  • Extensions in FrontPage for 2000, 2002 and 2003
  • Complete support available for SSI
  • Excellent script support available
  • SSH to access the shells

Besides this the exclusive bluehost discounts like bluehost 3.49, various coupon codes and different packages that are available make it popular among people. It also offers excellent technical support to its customers. Technical support staff is well trained and expertise in solving all kinds of problems of the customers. You can reach out to them by simply visiting the site and choosing for the online chat option. They are available 24 X 7 and you can chat with them to get the solution to your problems instantly. Just in case you do not have enough time to chat and explain your problem you can also write them an email mentioning your problem. The staff replies to your problem as soon as possible. Not just this you can also talk to them over phone and discuss your problem.

If you are one among those users who have been searching for the most efficient web hosting services that caters them on all criteria of necessity and falls within their budget, there is nothing better than bluehost for you. You can find the details for discount and coupons associated with bluehost below.

Slice off your web hosting plan tariff with bluehost 3.49 discount plan

Out of all the plans that bluehost provides to its users the bluehost 3.49 plan is the best. You might be thinking what this 3.49 is? Now let me tell you, 3.49 is nothing but the amount i.e. $3.49 which you have to pay under this incredible plan. The bluehost 3.49 plan stretched for a period of 36 months and you have to pay $3.49 per month during this period. However, without this plan you shall be required to pay $6.95 per month. This plan helps you in getting all the features and facilities of bluehost in a pocket friendly price. You just have to pay the total amount for 36 months that implies 36 X $3. that’s it and trust me it is much lesser than paying $6.95 for thirty six months. You can easily get this plan online via the bluehost official website. There are no such coupon codes on blue host and bluehost discounts are rewarded based upon the schemes that are applicable in your area of residence. You just have to feed in your basis details and subscribe for the coupon. Most of the users who have experienced the joy of bluehost web hosting services choose bluehost 3.49 over any other discount plans.

Two other discount plans are available besides this. One is the discount plan for twenty four months and the other one is the discount plan for twelve months. These two plans differ from bluehost in $0.5 and $1. You can choose any of the above mentioned plans, if you wish. However, it is always recommended that you go for bluehost 3.49 as it helps you in keeping your pockets heavier as compared to the other schemes.

The best part about these discount schemes is that just in case you are not satisfied with the services you can ask the bluehost customer assistance staff to withdraw services and soon your web hosting services will be withdrawn and you will be refunded with the amount that prevails as balance. If you ask for deactivation within a couple of weeks from subscription you shall be provided with the entire amount paid. But the fact here remains that the chances of you asking for your money back are zero as it has every bit of thing that could facilitate you with excellent web hosting.

Why bluehost 3.49?

Getting such incredible services at $3.49 seems just like a dream as no other web hosting services might cater you with services of this much quality and excellence in such a low price. Not just this, the amount of perks that you enjoy being a bluehost customer, is far more than any other web hosting.  With the bluehost3.49 you save as much as $72 on entire package of thirty six months and no one would say that is a too little amount as every penny counts. You can use this scheme with the very famous platinum pack and get the most out of your money. Blue host has numerous packs that have been designed to meet the needs of companies as well as students. Not just this they are also provided with such prices and feature that people who are looking for any sort of web hosting find it to be absolutely perfect for them.

Many people find it confusing to choose the web hosting pack that meets their needs. If you are a budding website builder and you are not so familiar with the technical stuff do not worry,  you can simply approach the customer assistance staff. The staff will enquire a bit about your needs and then it shall provide you with the most appropriate pack. However, you can also choose the recently launched platinum pack which has been designed on generalized criteria and meets the necessities of all common web hosting arenas. Within a very less span of time, platinum pack along with bluehost 3.49 has it made it to the top in webhosting rankings. So stop thinking and switch to bluehost 3.49



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